Writer's Guidelines

1. American Art Review features articles on American art and artists from the Colonial period to 1980.

2. Articles should reflect the content of an exhibition on view at a museum or other not-for-profit organization. Articles on exhibitions at commercial galleries will not be accepted.

3. Each article should contain scholarly information on the works or artists featured in the exhibition. Articles written in the form of press releases or gallery guides will not be accepted.

4. Each page of the article (as it appears in the magazine) will include approximately 300 words of text and an average of 2 illustrations. Thus, a four-page article in the magazine requires approximately 1,200 words of text and 8 illustrations; a six-page article requires 1,800 words of text and 12 illustrations, etc.

5. For illustrations, color transparencies (4 x 5) are preferred for reproduction. Digital images that are 300dpi at 8" wide and of high-quality are also acceptable. Only in special circumstances will 35mm slides be accepted. CMYK color separations from an accompanying exhibition catalog should be provided, if available.

6. Articles may be edited for style, length, and content.

7. Articles should be accompanied by a short author's biography. (approximately 2-3 paragraphs)

8. If possible, the final article (as it will appear in the magazine) will be approved by the author before the pages are sent to press.

9. Articles should be submitted no later than 5 weeks before the date of the issue.